A Word about Reading Levels

The following link will take you to an excellent explanation of the value of determining and using reading levels to guide students to improve their reading.  Fortunately, the American Association of School Librarians has also weighed in.  Great read!

Librarians Take Reading Stand Level

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Checking Perceptions

This one by Tricia Bishop is great!        Read here

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Who is really running public education?


Interesting post from Emily Talmage, a teacher from Maine.

Read the blog post

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The Best Intentions…




Here is an excerpt from Ann Constantino’s Part 3 of the series “The Unintended Consequences of the Obama Administration’s Well-Intentioned ReThink Discipline Movement”.

Youth violence is the number one concern reported by TABCO, Baltimore County’s teachers association. Even a year and a half ago, TABCO President Abby Beytin had this to say about the uptick in violence in Baltimore County Public Schools: “With more and more violent acts being aimed at our educators, we can’t wait any longer to address the problems. We have educators across the country being targeted, threatened and bullied by students. These same bullies target, threaten and bully other students and anyone else who gets in their way. In Baltimore County, we have teachers who have been hit, punched, kicked and bitten by students. We even have pregnant teachers who have been threatened verbally by students with ‘having their stomachs cut with a knife.’ We have teachers who have been sent to the doctor, or even worse, to the hospital, because of out of control student behaviors. How much longer are we going to ignore these issues?”

The issue remains a top priority for TABCO, a subject Ms. Beytin continues to bring to Baltimore County’s Education Board, regularly.

Read the article

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The Debate about Teachers and Race

This is a long article but hang in there.  There is important information about the diversity training BCPS uses.


Pacific Educational Group

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Too Soon to Tell?

Let’s hope Verletta White, our interim BCPS school superintendent does the right thing and slows down the freight train overspending in the district.  Jury still out…


Overspending in BCPS




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A Sad Time for Science


Certainly not a moment to be proud of in our country…especially for our youngest aspiring scientists…

Read here

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Show Us the Money

What is the status of our  taxpayer dollars in Baltimore County when it comes to spending on our public schools?  Read here!

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More on “The Keepers” from another victim

Powerful Op-ed in today’s Sun by the daughter of one of the victims.

Read the article here


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Wake up Call to the Democratic Party

Finally, someone who explains how we ended up with Betsy Devos.  No, not because of Trump.  It was our Democratic Party.  Read how it happened by someone who really gets public education.  My liberal friends will not like it, but it is what it is.  Read it and weep.  Teachers have been weeping for years.

Spitting Out the Kool-Aid

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