Stop Blaming the Teachers #teacherexpertise


Finally, someone who explains the problem in simple language – Dana Goldstein, author of THE TEACHER WARS: A young scholar’s history of 175 years of teaching in America. Watch the short video to hear her explain how teachers are only responsible for seven percent of student learning.   Even better, read her book to understand our history of putting all of the responsibility for children onto educators.

When are we going to face up to this reality and address the other 93% of the equation?  Can we talk about the real barriers to next generation’s success?  And can we do it soon?

Goldstein’s book



About Anne Spigelmire-Groth

Thank you for reading my blog. I was a teacher for 35 years, 30 in the Baltimore County Public Schools and five years in International Schools in the Netherlands. Experience: Elementary classroom, elementary reading specialist, middle school reading specialist, middle school English teacher, elementary school library media specialist, adjunct college instructor, and National Board Certification in Library Media
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One Response to Stop Blaming the Teachers #teacherexpertise

  1. Ed Kitlowski says:

    I read her book years ago. She provides an exceptional background to how our education system arrived at the place it is. I have urged politicians to read the book and use information from it in my letters and emails to them.


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