Wake up Call to the Democratic Party

Finally, someone who explains how we ended up with Betsy Devos.  No, not because of Trump.  It was our Democratic Party.  Read how it happened by someone who really gets public education.  My liberal friends will not like it, but it is what it is.  Read it and weep.  Teachers have been weeping for years.

Spitting Out the Kool-Aid


About Anne Spigelmire-Groth

Thank you for reading my blog. I was a teacher for 35 years, 30 in the Baltimore County Public Schools and five years in International Schools in the Netherlands. Experience: Elementary classroom, elementary reading specialist, middle school reading specialist, middle school English teacher, elementary school library media specialist, adjunct college instructor, and National Board Certification in Library Media
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One Response to Wake up Call to the Democratic Party

  1. Pat Simon says:

    The ruin of public schools may have begun with Clinton, and blossomed under Obama, but it is our current President who is continuing the death knoll. We can blame Democrats for the mess. We can’t credit this administration with clean-up. To appoint Devos to the position of Secretary of Education, with no experience, no knowledge, and no belief in the public schools is the travesty occurring NOW. We can continue to blame pass administrations or we can hold this administration to task for hammering the nails into the coffin. Appointing some one who understood the value and critical necessity of public schools would have been the first step in correcting the mistakes of past administrations. President Trump had the opportunity to halt the skid. Instead, he pushed.


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