Expensive Library Cards?


Here is a video introducing the BCPS One cards  – lanyard ID cards that all students and employees were issued sometime in 2014. The contract with Scholar Chip for $10 milion was cancelled after BCPS spent $4 million. Since it was a ten-year contract, a payment of $212,000 is still being made annually.  The cards are now only used to enter the building. I don’t even know when the students have to wear them. They are not needed for anything – not even library books since the library media software program allows for several alternative ways to check out materials. The kisoks that were supposed to be used to monitor attendance stacked up in schools… A rather expensive key entry system?  Recently BCPS announced students can use the cards to borrow books at the public library but that also seems rather costly since BCPL issues cards free of charge.

See video here


About Anne Spigelmire-Groth

Thank you for reading my blog. I was a teacher for 35 years, 30 in the Baltimore County Public Schools and five years in International Schools in the Netherlands. Experience: Elementary classroom, elementary reading specialist, middle school reading specialist, middle school English teacher, elementary school library media specialist, adjunct college instructor, and National Board Certification in Library Media
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