I have been teaching since 1979, starting in the International Schools in the Netherlands and continuing later in Baltimore County Public Schools in Maryland.  I have taught in 12 schools during my career.  Classroom elementary and middle, grades four through eight, reading specialist in elementary and middle, and library media specialist in elementary.   Through the years I have earned two masters degrees and National Board Certification. I have taught Video Production and Children’s Literature as a college adjunct.  I published many articles in our local newspaper in the Op-ed page.  As the end of full time teaching approached, I pondered what to do next with my talents.   I try to remember the important things I wanted to leave with my students, the lessons of great literature that touch the heart and grow the mind – and how I worked to foster lifelong reading habits of mind.   In retirement, I am writing more, staying aware of the school reform movement and also volunteering in kindergarten.  I have more time to take care of myself – and count that as a great blessing.  However, I still feel my work is not done and while I think about what comes next, I write about what is on my mind.


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  1. Nicole Yoder says:

    I found your article in the Baltimore Sun after doing a general search about teacher retention. I just left the profession after 14 yrs of teaching for Baltimore County. I was the Reading Contact and Team Leader and I couldn’t do it anymore. I felt comforted by your article, to know I’m not the only one. For some reason I can’t shake the feeling of failure though. Hopefully, that will subside with time. Thank you for giving “us” a voice through your article. So many, are afraid to speak out for fear. I’m grateful for not having that fear anymore.
    Nicole Yoder


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